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What is eARC?

The eARC is an evolution of the ARC functionality which allows you to transmit audio signals from a TV to an external audio system through an HDMI connection between the two devices.

Where is it using?

eARC technology allows the transmission of sound signals in their original quality, whether it is the sound of content decoded by the TV directly (TNT HD channels, VOD application for example) or sound from external devices connected to the TV (for example, Ultra HD Blu-ray player, TV box, game consoles).

Capabilities of eARC

The transfer of the audio to our sound equipment will be carried out without any problem, thanks in large part to the enormous transfer speed enabled by HDMI 2.1 (about 37 Mbit/s).
The system supports the transfer of stereo and multichannel audio streams (especially 5.1 and 7.1 signals whether or not they are compressed, Dolby Atmos, and DTS: X).

Lip Sync technology

A “Lip Sync” technology is also integrated, it makes it possible to synchronize the diffusion of the sounds relating to the words with the movements of the lips of the images broadcast on the TV screen. This eliminates delays between sound and the image on the screen.

In order to see the benefits that eARC provides, the following is a table with the main characteristics.

Stereo sound + +
Compressed 5.1 sound + +
Uncompressed 5.1 sound +
Uncompressed 7.1 sound +
Stream of object-oriented sound (Dolby Atmos, DTS:X) bitstream broadcast for compatible devices +
Maximum audio stream bandwidth About 1 Mbit/s About 37 Mbit/s
Lip Sync system Optional +
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