Downhomedigital DAC Does DAC work with Bluetooth

The popularity of network music streaming and personal audio is growing every day. Today, storing a music library in the memory of a smartphone or tablet is perceived as a logical decision, and portable devices themselves often act as sources of content even in serious audio systems.

Despite the fact that any mobile gadget can be connected to an external amplifier with a cable (at least via analog connection, but many models of portable players also allow digital switching), the most comfortable option for working together is the wireless interface.

And manufacturers of Hi-Fi electronics are responding to this need – with modern models of AV receivers, stereo amplifiers and external DACs, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters are increasingly found. But what should you do if your system already has a component that is completely satisfied with the sound quality and functionality, with the exception of the possibility of wireless operation with portable devices?

For this reason, changing the amplifier or DAC that you may have carefully selected for a long time is not the best option. An elegant solution for this is in buying Bluetooth DAC.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to assemble a homemade speaker system, or repair an existing multimedia home or speaker system, then you will be interested in special audio modules with Bluetooth wireless technology with built-in sound amplifiers that can be connected directly to passive speakers. And special DACs with Bluetooth are designed to improve the signal to the speaker system or headphones.

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