Downhomedigital DAC Is a DAC worth it for gaming?

If you have tuned in to a new game but noticed that the sound through the speakers or headphones began to hiss and make strange pops, it means it’s time to think about replacing the sound card.

After a little research, many wonder: “Which is better: an external sound card or an external digital to analog converter (DAC).” The second option sounds attractive because it is very easy to use.

Why buy DAC for gaming?

  • Advanced audio. The DAC offers a cleaner sound. Digital audio signals are sent directly to the DAC, so you are less likely to raise the noise level through a computer, unlike analog signals.
  • Portability. One of the main advantages of a USB DAC is its portability. You can easily insert an external DAC into a laptop or computer, connect good headphones, and listen to crystal clear sound. Another advantage of an external DAC is the volume booster of your headphones.
  • Better sound quality. Most likely, this is the main criterion when choosing between a high-quality sound card or an external DAC. Moreover, you can use both at the same time to get the highest quality sound.

It is worth remembering that a sound card or an external DAC is not able to provide high-quality sound without good headphones or speakers. If you use cheap speakers, then you just won’t notice the difference between a sound card or an external DAC.


An external digital-to-analog converter (DAC) connected via a digital input allows you to solve the problem of the poor sound quality of the solution built into the motherboard. Connecting the DAC allows you to “bypass” the computer electronics, which is responsible for the conversion and processing of the music signal. And the best option would be a USB connection to completely eliminate the use of a standard sound card.

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