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Connecting a powered sub with passive PA speakers

Connecting other speakers to a powered subwoofer is straightforward.
The passive version does not have a standard audio signal amplifier, so you need to purchase and install it. If this is not possible, then the subwoofer can be connected directly to the speakers. However, in this case, the sound quality will be insufficient. To provide sound filtering, you can additionally install a filter.
If you are connecting a powered sub with passive pa speakers, then first you need to make sure that there are appropriate connectors on both devices. The following methods are commonly used:

  • Using cables with jacks. This is the most common way of connecting since 3.5 mm jacks are usually found on all audio devices.
  • RCA. These wires are divided into a pair of cables that carry sound from the left and right channels.
  • Cables with terminals. The cables at the ends have special terminals that must be clicked or screwed on. It is important to observe the correct polarity.
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