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Connecting Amazon Echo to Bluetooth receiver

Do you want to get voice control and use an additional speaker in the receiver configuration? It is possible with Amazon Echo. It became part of your home theater configuration by connecting the receiver via Bluetooth.

Some requirements

To connect your Echo to your receiver, you need to fulfill a few requirements. First of all, enable the Bluetooth on your Echo. Next, find the Bluetooth setting screen on the av receiver. Finally, make sure there are no more than 3 feet between the smart speaker and the receiver.


Turn the Bluetooth on the receiver. In some cases, you also need to set the option to direct the sound to your Echo only or your echo and home theater speakers.
Turn the Amazon Echo. Say “Alexa, connect” at the same time, and the Echo will start searching for a Bluetooth connection while your TV searches for a Bluetooth device. If all goes well, two devices should be found. The receiver settings screen should be pointing to your Echo device. Your Echo should be telling you that it is connected to your TV or receiver.

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