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Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector

Connecting the speakers to the projector can be very troublesome: a lot of wires and connectors in which it is easy to get confused, in which case wireless speakers can be called the best speakers for the projector.

There are quite a few ways to wirelessly transmit video, but with audio, this is not so. There is a technology that was originally created for mobile devices and now has play its role in video projectors – Bluetooth.

Still transmitting audio via Bluetooth is not standard on the most projectors, so before you count on a wireless connection, you need to examine your projector for evidence of the Bluetooth function. However, even if your projector does not have such a function, there are devices that will help to get what you want.


The process of connecting wireless speakers to the projector is no different from linking a Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone or other devices. The difficulty may lie in the unique menu of the projector and controls.

In this case, it is better to have user guides with you, as it will probably contain instructions on how to find the menu that allows you to control the Bluetooth function of the projector.
If everything is all right, then linking the speakers with the projector is not difficult:

  • • Turn on a wireless speaker and put it into pairing mode (usually by refraining the power button for a few seconds or using another switch next to which there is a Bluetooth symbol), often the speaker gives a signal that it is in pairing mode.
  • • When you turn the speaker is in pairing mode, you will see it in the list of devices in the projector menu, you only need to confirm the connection.

Alternative way

In case, when a projector does not have a built-in Bluetooth feature, there are adapters that connect to the projector’s 3.5 mini-jack and convert the audio signal to Bluetooth. These devices cannot deal with multi-channel audio processing, but they will transmit the left and right speaker signals to the wireless spectrum.

All Bluetooth transmitters on the market can work in receive and transmit mode. In the case of a projector, this will be the TX mode.

When choosing such a device, you should pay attention to the type of connection. In most cases, a transmitter with the ability to connect via a regular 3.5 mm Jack or RCA is enough. There are just different cables. And when ordering, it is usually possible to select a specific cable or order both cables. More expensive models are also equipped with optical audio input/output.

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