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Can you connect speakers to a projector

Most video projectors often have poor quality and weak speakers which makes them unsuitable for the audio accompaniment of a presentation or for home watching a movie even in a small room.

The solution to this problem is using an audio output which most projectors are equipped with and pick the best speakers for a projector that suits your goals.

Yes, of course, there are projectors with high-quality speakers, but now there are few such models and they are more expensive. This is why we, therefore, recommend that you use external speakers. They will certainly provide better sound quality and can also be placed anywhere in your room.

Are you looking for the best speakers for a projector?

It is possible to connect both active and passive speakers to the video projector.

Active speakers

The advantage of active speakers is that they have their own amplifier and do not need additional equipment. The audio signal from the projector is generally transmitted via a Mini-Jack cable or an RCA cables (red and white). Active speakers are mainly used for presentations or for the learning process.

Active speakers for the projector come in a stereo kit. The installation of active speakers for video projectors must be done on the left and right of the screen or on the left and right above the screen.

Passive speakers

To connect passive speakers, an A / V receiver is required, since such speakers need a power source and amplifier. The connection is made using an RCA cable. With using the receiver and passive speakers, it is possible to use the 5.1 speaker system. Such configuration is suitable for creating a home theater due to the surround sound effect.

But there are downsides to this option. To the cost of a set of speakers, you need to add the cost of the A / V receiver. And often the cost of passive speakers will be higher than the plague of a set of active ones.

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