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Can Optical Cable carry Dolby Atmos

Recently, Dolby Atmos has become a higher bar for any home surround sound system. This object-oriented sound format Dolby Atmos is generally considered one of the best sound systems available, and many people enjoy using it.

In addition, many new Blu-ray discs and streaming services are now offering content in Dolby Atmos, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for the best possible audio experience. Many newer TVs and home theater receivers support Dolby Atmos, so it is relatively easy to get started with it.

However, it can be more expensive than other surround sound formats because it requires special equipment and speaker placement.

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What is Dolby Atmos?

People define Dolby Atmos as a surround sound technology that creates an immersive, three-dimensional soundscape. Dolby Atmos uses a series of speakers placed around the room to create a multi-dimensional sound field. The technology is designed to work with both traditional surround sound systems and newer Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receivers.

Dolby Atmos is sound metadata rather than sound format. Two surround sound formats support the transfer of such data. Here we speak about compressed or uncompressed, depending on the playback source.

Dolby TrueHD

It is an uncompressed sound format. Therefore, it requires a fast connection, which provides a wide bandwidth. It is because of a large amount of data transmitted in one second. Dolby TrueHD is a lossless multi-channel audio codec used in home-entertainment equipment such as Blu-ray Disc players, receivers, and soundbars.

Dolby TrueHD delivers fantastic sound quality and is considered one of the best available audio codecs. For transmitting such sound, your devices should be compatible with the latest HDMI standard – 2.1, and also it should be used as an appropriate cable.

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Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Digital Plus is an advanced audio compression technology that allows for the delivery of high-quality digital audio. Originally people created it for streaming services. However, nowadays, a lot of devices also support it. This format is not difficult to process. You can find it on Android devices, different models of tablets, and other devices we use every day. Besides, it is used in various applications, including Blu-ray discs, streaming media, and broadcast television.

Is it possible to use an optical cable or only HDMI?

It is possible to use an optical cable to carry Dolby Atmos, but it is not the only option. The Dolby Atmos format is designed to work with HDMI and optical cables. However, it is essential to note that not all devices are compatible with both types of connections. For example, some Blu-ray players only have HDMI connections, while others may only have optical connections. Therefore, it is essential to check the specifications of your device before attempting to connect it to a Dolby Atmos-enabled system.

Additionally, it is worth noting that some Dolby Atmos-enabled devices may require special cables or adapters to work correctly. So, again, it is essential to consult the specifications of your device before making any connections.

However, you often can come across that optical cables don’t have the bandwidth necessary to carry a Dolby Atmos signal. But, a few manufacturers have created proprietary cables that are capable of handling the extra data. Unfortunately, these cables are usually quite expensive, and they may not be compatible with all devices, so they’re not a practical solution for most people.

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