Downhomedigital Blog Can Optical Cable carry Dolby Atmos

Nowadays, the object-oriented sound format Dolby Atmos has become a kind of higher bar for home surround sound systems. Now it is already supported on Blu-ray discs and most popular streaming services.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is not a sound format; it is sound metadata. Only two surround sound formats support the transfer of such data. It can be compressed or uncompressed, it depends on playback source.

Dolby TrueHD

This is an uncompressed sound format and requires a fast connection with a wide bandwidth due to the large amount of data transmitted in one second. Most films on Blue-Ray discs support have this format. For transmitting such sound, your devices must be compatible with the latest HDMI standard – 2.1, and also it should be used as an appropriate cable.

Dolby Digital Plus

This is a compressed sound format. It was created mostly for streaming services. But, a lot of popular devices support it. Since this format is easier to process, it can be found on Android devices, consoles, tablets, and other mass devices.

Is it possible to use an optical cable or only HDMI?

The main condition for receiving sound in Dolby Atmos format is the use of the HDMI interface. It is this interface that has sufficient bandwidth to transfer the amount of data that is provided when working with Dolby Atmos. This rule applies to any playback source (Blu-ray disc, set-top box, application on the TV).

Even with all Dolby Atmos equipment supported, using an optical cable will convert to the simpler Dolby Digital 5.1 format. This will remain a good sound, but without Dolby Atmos features.

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