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Can You Splice the Speaker Wire?

speaker wire

The splice speaker wire technique is employed in various scenarios, ranging from customizing audio setups to extending speaker cables for optimal placement.

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Speaker And Amplifier Matching Guide

speaker and amplifier

Achieving the optimal match between speakers and AV receivers is the key to a high-fidelity listening experience. The successful matching of all the components will define the overall sound quality, ensure optimal performance, and safeguard the longevity of your audio system. Today, my goal is to navigate you through the equipment specifications as well as …

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Should Amplifier Be More Powerful Than Speakers?

Amplifier for speakers

Achieving an optimal audio experience hinges on the delicate balance between an amplifier’s power output and a speaker’s power handling capabilities. Understanding the importance of their matching will show you the full potential of your sound setup.

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How Loud Should Speakers Be For A Party?

Party speaker

When you’re throwing a party, the music is one of the most important things. You want to make sure that everyone can hear the music, but you don’t want it to be so loud that people can’t have a conversation.

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What Happens If Speakers Are Wired Backwards?

How to connect speakers

In this article, we will discuss how to wire a speaker backward. This is not a trivial topic and requires some skill. If you connect speakers the wrong way, it will not work properly: the sound will be muffled and not as loud as it should be.

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Can I Use 2 Amplifiers On The Same Speaker Set?


The not-so-common but interesting and important question of connecting 2 amplifiers to one set of speakers needs some clarification. So, in this article, I will tell you why you might want to do this, what is gained by using the same speakers with two amps, and the methods you can use to accomplish this process.

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6 Ohms vs 8 Ohms Speakers Explained

6 ohms vs 8 ohms speakers

Well, you are really interested in building a quality system, so you are wondering about choosing 8-ohm vs 6-ohm speakers. Let me tell you right away that you shouldn’t think higher or lower ohms are better speakers.

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How To Connect Speakers With Speaker Wire

how to connect speaker wire

Don’t know how to connect a speaker wire to your audio system? Then our guide is definitely what you need. It is not the most exciting procedure to connect speaker wire, but setting up an audio system is necessary. It may seem too complicated to some, but everything will become much easier if you understand the nuances.

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