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What Happens If Speakers Are Wired Backwards?

Here we speak about connecting speaker wires in the reverse order. If you wire a speaker backwards, it will not work correctly. The sound will be muffled and won’t be as loud as it should be. Sometimes the device may not work at all. Finally, there is always a chance that the speaker could be damaged if wired in the wrong way.

These devices work by using an electromagnet to create vibrations that produce sound. The electromagnet is created by the current flowing through the wire. If you wire a speaker backwards, the current will flow in the opposite direction, and the electromagnet will weaken. As a result, it will cause the speaker to vibrate less, producing poorer sound. Additionally, the device may not work if the current is too weak.

There is a chance that the speaker could be damaged if wired incorrectly, as the wrong current could damage the electromagnet.

Why do people wire a speaker backwards?

There can be several reasons. The most common reason is that people don’t know how the speaker works, and, as a result, they connect the wires without thinking. Another reason could be that they are trying to fix a problem with the sound. In most cases they think that reversing the wires will help. Finally, some people do it for fun, to see what will happen.

How can I know that speaker wires are reversed?

Of course, first of all, you will hear problems with sound. Next, swap the two wires at the speaker end and see if the sound improves to check if the wires are reversed. If it does, the wires were reversed.

Besides, if you have a voltmeter, you can test the wires to see if they are reversed. If the voltmeter reads a negative number, then the wires are reversed.

Another way to tell if the wires are reversed is to look at the markings of polarity on the devices themselves.

A voltmeter to test the wires

How to connect my speakers in the correct way?

To connect speakers correctly, match the speaker wires to the proper terminals. Pay attention to connecting a positive wire to the positive terminal, and opposite you should connect the negative one to the negative terminal. Usually, the positive wire is red and the negative one is black.

If you’re not sure about terminals, just look at the polarity markings on the speakers themselves. As for the positive terminal, it is usually marked with a “+” sign, while the negative one with a “-” sign.

Once you’ve connected everything correctly, simply screw or clip them in place. Make sure that the connections are secure , because they can come loose.

By following these several steps, you can be sure that your devices are connected properly and you will be able to enjoy the best possible sound quality.

How to know which wire is positive and negative when black?

The easiest way to get to know it, is to look for a stripe or other marking on one of the wires. The cable with the stripe is the positive wire and you should connect it to the positive terminal.

If there is no stripe or other marking, you can use a multimeter to test the wires to see which one is positive and which is negative one. Positive wires will show a positive voltage, and negative wires will show a negative voltage.

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