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Connecting subwoofer to computer speakers

To get a richer sound when watching movies or gaming on a computer, users want to expand the configuration by connecting a subwoofer.Difficulties in connecting a subwoofer to a computer are often caused by difficulty in choosing the correct connector on the computer board.

Connecting an active subwoofer

Active subwoofers are a symbiosis of a speaker and auxiliary electronics – an amplifier or a receiver, which, as you might guess, is necessary to amplify the signal. Such speakers have two types of connectors – input for receiving a signal from a sound source, in our case, a computer, and output – for connecting subwoofer to computer speakers. We are interested in the first.

To connect them to a computer, an adapter from RCA to mini Jack 3.5 mm (AUX) of the male-male type is required.
And connect the mini-jack to the 3.5 mm jack for speakers on the board.
There is no need to worry that the output on the computer is not specially designed for low frequencies – the electronic filling of the active subwoofer will itself “dilute” the sound, and the sound will be correct.

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