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Making the bass louder

Before you start improving your sound, you need to understand the types of subwoofer enclosures. There are several options for acoustic designs, of which the following are the most common.

Open subwoofers

Open subwoofers have one or two vents placed at the front or the rear of the box. These vents allow generating powerful bass without the need for a very powerful amplifier. Open boxes produce bass that is less responsive and faster than sealed boxes.

Sealed boxes

Sealed boxes have a more compact size and a much stiffer suspension driver than that used in open boxes. This type of subwoofer controls speaker movement better and faster while eliminating noise caused by vents. The bass is, therefore, more precise and faster, which is advantageous for listening to music. These boxes are more expensive than open boxes because they require a more powerful amplifier and more robust construction.

Isobaric design

From a commercial point of view, one of the most profitable types of subwoofer. In a sealed box, two identical speakers must work in unison with each other to create a certain effect. The disadvantages include the fact that one speaker works, not 2.


This type of subwoofer design combines both a sealed and a bass-reflex enclosure, which are located in two different chambers. This view exhibits excellent low-frequency delivery performance while limiting resonance. This is, by far, one of the best subwoofer designs.

Some ways to improve the sound of your subwoofer


A good way to improve bass is to insulate the cabinet from the inside. Cover all body joints with sealant. And then, glue the walls with a soft material (fleece, felt, etc., may come up from the handymen). After such manipulations, the bass will become deeper.

Adjust an amplifier

Amplifiers do not just increase the volume of your audio. A good amp adds a new dimension of clarity to your sound by sending more precise signals to the speakers. The result is an improvement in the audio quality of your music. This lets you hear instruments and sounds that you might never have heard on your favorite song.

Phase adjustment

A phase adjustment is a fundamental tool because it is what will condition both the quality of the subwoofer but also the impact and its integration with the main speakers, giving you the feeling that all frequencies reach you without delay, all at the same time and in the same space. Fine phase control will allow you to adjust the combination of your main speakers with your subwoofer.

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