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Where To Place The Subwoofer With The Soundbar?

Many modern TVs can deliver excellent picture quality, but in terms of sound, they are far from perfect. It’s simply not possible to incorporate speakers that sound as realistic and dynamic as possible into their fancy flat-panel housings. In fact, there are many ways to improve the sound quality of the TV, and one of the most simple and affordable is the use of a soundbar with a subwoofer.

Many newcomers will immediately ask: “Where to place the subwoofer with the soundbar?” Don’t worry, I will tell and explain everything to you. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the correct position for the subwoofer with a soundbar. In addition, you will understand how to use these devices together as productively as possible.

The role of a subwoofer for a soundbar

the role of a subwoofer for a soundbar

I think you already know that a soundbar is a device that can amplify the sound from your TV or computer. If you love loud music and incredible sounds in modern movies or games with cool soundtracks, you just need to add a subwoofer to your soundbar. It will help boost the bass and make the sound even more realistic.

Put subwoofer for a soundbar is a common practice for devotees of quality sound, but I want to elaborate on 4 main advantages:

  1. Bass enhancement. Subwoofers specialize in reproducing low frequencies that conventional speakers cannot reproduce. Most soundbars have speakers with a limited frequency range, and adding a subwoofer improves the quality of sound reproduction at low frequencies. This is especially useful when listening to music, movie sound effects, and games.
  2. Creating a complete loudspeaker system. A soundbar and subwoofer set allow you to reproduce various sound materials with high fidelity and a wide frequency range. Most sound effects used in movies are reproduced at low frequencies. Adding a subwoofer allows for deep and realistic bass, giving the sound more volume and dynamics.
  3. Focusing on the main elements. Another reason to add a subwoofer is to improve the sound quality in the main elements of a dialog or piece of music. When low frequencies are played on a soundbar, they can distract from the content itself. Adding a subwoofer can reduce this effect, especially when watching movies or playing music.
  4. Increase the overall volume of the sound system. The subwoofer and soundbar work in symbiosis, so adding a subwoofer improves the volume of the sound. The subwoofer can boost the bass frequencies, allowing the soundbar to produce a wider range of frequencies at a smaller volume. This makes it possible to increase the overall volume of the sound system without sacrificing sound quality.

Common subwoofer placement options

common subwoofer placement options

The location of the soundbar subwoofer plays one of the most important roles in the quality of sound reproduction. There are several ways to locate these devices, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Front placement (next to the soundbar)

In this case, the subwoofer is usually placed in line with the soundbar and pointed towards the listener. I recommend placing the subwoofer on the floor to maximize the low frequencies.

  • Pros: It provides a clean, focused bass synchronized with the main soundbar sounds. It’s good for stereo effects.
  • Cons: It may require additional space, which is not always convenient in small rooms.

Corner placement (in the corners of the room)

corner placement (in the corners of the room)

The subwoofer stands on the floor, in a corner, and is usually pointed toward the center of the room.

  • Pros: Boosts bass by reflecting sound off the walls, creating a more tangible bass.
  • Cons: It can cause bass overload, especially in small rooms. In addition, “humming” is possible in some corners.

Side placement (next to furniture)

With this option, the subwoofer is placed next to the furniture and pointed towards the listening area. I recommend placing the subwoofer on the floor for better bass impact.

  • Pros: Saves space and can be easily integrated into the interior. It can create a more even distribution of bass.
  • Cons: Some sounds may be “absorbed” by furniture, which can reduce bass quality.

Rear placement (behind the lounge area)

rear placement (behind the lounge area)

Installing the sub on the floor behind the listening area, which I recommend pointing towards the opposite wall. In some cases, the subwoofer can be raised above the floor level (due to the peculiarities of the room and the furniture in it), but you should determine this yourself during the listening process.

  • Pros: Creates a sense of immersion, and enveloping effect, especially in movies and games.
  • Cons: It may be less effective for music and requires proper positioning to avoid discomfort.

I recommend that you test your subwoofer in different positions to find the optimal location for your room. Try and test, and you will find the perfect place with the optimal sound right for you.

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