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How To Connect The TV To The Receiver Without HDMI?

To connect the TV to the Receiver without HDMI, you need some other cable for this purpose. However, as we know that many TVs don’t come with HDMI cables, which is why here we will discuss the different ways by which you can connect your TV to the Receiver without HDMI.

What cables can I use instead of HDMI?

Here is the list of different cables that you can use to connect your TV to the Receiver without HDMI.

Using Composite (AV) cable

It is one connection type by which you can connect your TV to the 4k receiver without HDMI. The Composite AV cable is an electrical cable that can transfer Video and Audio signals between two electronic devices. This type of cable consists of 3 separate wires colored Red, White, and Yellow. One end of the cable is fitted with a Connector called an AV plug which should be plugged into an output source. The opposite end has three connectors – Red for Video signal transfer, White for Audio signal transfer, and Yellow for grounding.

Using Component (AV) Cable

This is one of the most common connection type. Component cable is a video cable mainly used for home theater connections. It consists of three RCA connectors, usually colored green (video), blue (for right audio channel), and red (for left audio channel). There are also cables with five or seven RCA connectors with two additional channels for audio.

The purpose of the Component cable is to carry the analog video signals, which are suitable for progressive scan systems, and digital or analog sound signals depending on connector type. In addition, component video cables are designed to deliver the best possible picture quality by keeping the signal digital throughout the whole transmission line.

composite cable

Using coaxial cable.

A coaxial cable is a wire with an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer and a tubular conducting shield. Coaxial Cable is used in radio and TV antennas and for transmitting electrical signals such as digital data.

What type of cable should I choose?

In the end, either type of cable will work equally well for standard TVs or monitors. It’s just that quality may vary slightly between them. The image quality from both first types is generally excellent, but one can never be sure unless they try both.

It’s worth noting that you cannot connect two TVs to the same Receiver using component cables, which is something to consider if your home theater setup is in a shared or family room.

If you are unsure what type of TV you have, flip it on and look at the input setting. If it says standard-definition 480i, 480p, 720i, or 720p, you have a standard TV/monitor; then you can use Composite. If it says high definition 720p, 1080i, or 1080p, you have an HDTV and can choose either Component or Composite cables.

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