Downhomedigital Receivers How to connect graphic equalizer to a stereo receiver?

Graphic equalizers are an essential part of any stereo system. An equalizer allows you to boost or cut specific frequencies to match the sound in your room.
It also allows you to compensate for speakers and cabinets that boost or cut certain frequencies and upset the tonal balance of your music.

The simple way to connect an equalizer to a stereo receiver

To send the signal from the receiver to the equalizer and back, you need two pairs of RCA cables.

  • Locate your receiver’s tape-out jacks. This is normally located on the back of the receiver. Connect a connecting cable to the tape receivers output jacks and insert the other end into the audio inputs of the graphic equalizer.
  • Locate the audio outputs of the graphic equalizer. They are usually located on the back of the equalizer, right next to the audio inputs. Connect the second interconnect cable to the audio outputs of the equalizer and the tape inputs of the stereo receiver.
  • Plug the equalizer into a power outlet and turn on the system. Use the sliders or buttons on the front of the equalizer to make audio adjustments as needed.
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