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How to connect an old receiver to a new TV?

When purchasing a home theatre receiver from many inexperienced users in this matter, the question immediately arises “how to connect the receiver to the TV?” A large number of connectors and various wires is perplexing, but it is very simple to connect an old receiver to a new TV.

What is a receiver

First, you need to understand what we are dealing with: a receiver is a device that is designed to receive and convert various digital, analog, video, audio, and radio signals. It allows you to convert multiple signals, redirect them to the appropriate display systems (video or audio). Thanks to this device, you will get rid of the dreaded web of cables in your home.

RCA connection

Now the presence of only one modern HDMI interface, which transmits digital video and audio signal, allows you to get rid of any additional wires and simplify the connection as much as possible. However, before the mass adoption of HDMI, analog connectors were used in all multimedia devices. For a long time, the RCA interface was the only type of connection and data transmission to a TV set.
It has three connectors. The colors represent the left and right audio channels and the video channel. After finding these connectors, connect the device to the TV by connecting Video IN to Video Out according to the color-coding.
The disadvantages of this interface include the inability to transmit a high-quality signal, so the TV will display an unclear picture with interference on the screen. Therefore, the choice of RCA should be given preference only if your TV has a small screen diagonal.

SCART connection

The SCART is it is a universal connector that transmits both sound and image. Unlike analog RCA, the picture quality is much better here.

Component interface

The component interface carries a high-frequency video signal over three cables. This connection method allows you to receive a signal of high accuracy and quality. The audio signal is transmitted using a separate RCA connection.

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