Downhomedigital Home subwoofers How can i connect 2 subs to my receiver?

A subwoofer is a speaker capable of reproducing sound in a low-frequency range.
Most of the fans of high-quality music at home, after buying one subwoofer, after a while thinking about buying a second subwoofer, but immediately ask themselves the question, how can I make a 2-subwoofer setup?This article will deal with just that.

How do I connect two subwoofers?

There are two ways for adding the second subwoofer:

The first is consistent. The plus of one subwoofer is connected to the “positive” terminal of the receiver, the minus of the same subwoofer is connected to the plus of the other subwoofer, and then the minus of the second subwoofer is connected to the “negative” terminal of the receiver.
With this connection, we add up the resistance of the subwoofers. We also summarize the power of the speakers. Most home receivers are designed for this type of connection due to the standard resistance threshold.

The second way is in parallel. With such a connection, the plus of the first is connected to the plus of the second, similarly to the minuses.
The total resistance will be two times lower than it was on one subwoofer. This can be a critically low impedance for many class AB receivers. However, for many Class D receivers, this is the operating mode. Therefore, a lot depends on the amplifier to which these two subwoofers will be connected.

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