Downhomedigital Receivers How do wireless speakers connect to stereo receiver?

With a plethora of wireless types, everyone would like to upgrade their hi-fi equipment to add wireless speakers to a stereo receiver, without the constraints of cabling.

The simplest way

There are several adapters on the market. For example, the audio adapter from Logitech turns 3.5 mm or RCA speakers into a wireless speaker, while Google’s Chromecast Audio turns a regular speaker into a Wi-Fi speaker controlled by a smartphone.
Finally, there are also wireless hi-fi speakers with Wi-Fi connectivity, which will be able to support music contained on compatible devices connected to the same network.

Stereo adapter

If your stereo or home theater system is not compatible either, you can add a stereo adapter to link wireless speakers for the old stereo. This most economical solution consists of connecting a wireless receiver to the line input of your amplifier or your Hi-Fi system.
Several protocols exist, but the most widespread technology remains by far Bluetooth, in which there are two standards to consider AD2P and APT-X. Indeed, the APT-X codec offers a sampling rate of 44.1kHz on 16 Bits, which is identical to audio CD quality. This is particularly useful when you have a nice collection of FLAC or WAV stored on a source device with a Bluetooth module.


Sonos is also super easy to use wireless multiroom systems. To connect it, you first need to have an audio source connected to the network. Then you connect a Sonos module on the same network.

Solution for old devices

If you want to wirelessly stream music from your old receiver, it may be interesting to look at the speakers offering a Hub. This Hub will allow you to connect all your receiver and will take care of broadcasting sound directly to the wireless speakers associated with it. The sound quality may exceed that of the CD.

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