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Connecting powered subwoofer to a mixer

A good connection and a good positioning between the devices that equip your studio is essential to ensure the quality of your audio system setup. Mixing consoles help to improve the quality, level as well as dynamics of the audio signal.

For connecting a powered subwoofer to a mixer, your equipment must be switched off. Position the subwoofer and arrange the speaker cable in such a way that it does not create interference or risk of falling. Use short cables, if possible, to avoid interference. Wind, the excess cable around the bottom of the speaker, stand to prevent accidents.

Connect the left active subwoofer cable to the “L” socket on the mixer and the right cable to the “R” socket. You should remember that most modern mixers are equipped with a monitoring system, so it may be “L/Monitor” and “R/L+R”. In this case, there is a switch on the mixer that allows you to select the monitor sub and speakers mode or just the subwoofer mode. If you are using a monitor subwoofer, plug a speaker cable into the “L+R” jack.

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