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How to connect turntable to receiver without phono input?

Each turntable requires a dedicated phono stage to play the records correctly.
Most models have a built-in phono stage. If you want to create a connecting the turntable to the receiver without phono input, you can use a phono out in a turntable or buy an external phono stage. Such devices are not expensive.

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Phono input only in a turntable

If there is no incorporated phono stage on a receiver, but there is one in a turntable, the linking won’t be complicated. Only plug the audio signal output from a turntable into one of a receiver’s analog audio inputs. If required, you can also use the CD player input.

External Phono input

You must use an external device if a vinyl player and receiver do not have an embedded phono point. Connect the audio and ground wire of the turntable with the phono preamplifier. Link the phono preamp to analog audio input from an av receiver.
Even if the configuration has a built-in phono stage, a separate phono stage can still improve the sound. External phono stages often contain high-quality electronic circuitry and have adjustments and settings that can help provide the best sound.

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