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Wiring 4 speakers to a 2 channel receiver

Connecting four speakers to a stereo receiver is still a feasible task. It is only important to remember two important nuances. This is the impedance of the speakers and the even distribution of power on the receiver channel.

Two connection ways

For wiring 4 speakers to a two-channel receiver, there are two ways to connect speakers. Parallel and sequential. Which of the proposed options to choose depends on what kind of speakers you have and how powerful the receiver is.
As mentioned earlier, the impedances of the receiver and speakers must be taken into account. It is important to know the minimum and maximum impedance of the receiver to select the connection type. Since a serial connection increases the impedance of the speakers, and a parallel connection decreases it.

How to choose a connection method

In order to find out which connection method is needed, add the impedance of the two speakers that will be connected to one channel. If the sum of the impedance fits within the receiver’s impedance limits, you can connect them in series. If the sum is less than the minimum impedance, it is not worth connecting. It will damage the receiver.
If the sum of the impedance of the speakers is higher than the load capacity of the receiver channel, use a parallel connection. In this case, you need to multiply the impedance of both speakers and divide by their sum. If the value matches the impedance of the receiver, feel free to connect.

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