Downhomedigital Receivers How to connect Amazon Fire TV to AV receiver?

The Fire Stick is an Amazon native device and offers many Amazon and more others.Fire TV also supports Amazon Alexa. You will be able to fully control the device with your voice.
Before starting the connection, there are several important points to know. This will come in handy after connecting the device to the home theatre receiver for setting up Amazon Fire TV:

  • Connect the Fire Stick to active and reliable Wi-Fi because there is no wired connection.
  • Create an Amazon account to use all of the services provided.
  • Connecting to an AV receiver

    Amazon Fire TV kit has three components that you need to connect together. There is a USB cable, a Fire TV device, and a power adapter. You can either connect Fire TV directly to the TV or stream it through your AV receiver using HDMI in both cases. However, it may be best to go through an AV receiver for the best video and sound quality.
    Connecting the Fire TV to a receiver is as simple as possible:

  • Connect the power adapter to Amazon Fire TV
  • Plug the power adapter into a nearby outlet or extension cord.
  • Run the USB cable behind the receiver and connect the Fire TV to an available HDMI port on it.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Use the remote to find the signal from the receiver.
  • And it’s all. Then customize your new device as you wish.

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