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Best 2 Channel Stereo Receivers

best stereo receiver

A stereo receiver is an audio system component with two channels (left and right) and two amplifiers for each channel. Many avid audiophiles search for the best stereo receiver because this channel combination allows getting the most powerful sound and savoring the slightest tone fluctuations.

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Best AV Receivers Under 1000 dollars

best av receiver under 1000

It’s no secret that the technology market in the modern world develops very quickly. And the choice of any technical product should be approached by understanding the details and technical nuances. So if you plan to choose and buy the best AV receiver under $1000, my review is just for you.

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Best AV Receivers Under 500 Dollars

Best av receiver under $500

Fortunately, the modern audio and video equipment market is developing very rapidly, so useful features and technologies, which were available only in top models a few years ago, can now be found in devices of medium and even budget levels. That is why I offer you my review, where you can choose the best AV receiver under 500 dollars.

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How To Connect The TV To The Receiver Without HDMI?

connect the tv to the receiver without hdmi

So, today, I want to cover a non-trivial question in this article: “How to connect a TV to a receiver without HDMI?” Yes, I am often asked this question, and that’s why I decided to cover it as much as possible.

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What Is Pre-Out On The AV Receiver?

using AV receiver

Choosing a receiver is not a simple task, especially if this is your first purchase of such a device and you don’t really understand which features you need and which are unnecessary luxuries.

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How To Connect Multiple Speakers To Receiver

connect multiple speakers to receiver

How great it is that modern technology makes it possible for large families to organize separate multimedia zones within one system in their apartments or houses. It is possible to connect multiple speakers to a stereo, but it’s essential to do so within the specified impedance and power handling capabilities of both devices.

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Do You Need AVR For Surround Sound

AVR For Surround Sound

In today’s world, more and more people are equipping their own apartments and homes as real multimedia entertainment centers.

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How To Fix a Blown Channel On a Receiver

How to fix a blown channel on a receiver

Your receiver isn’t producing sound in one or more channels? Probably you may need to fix a blown channel on a receiver. But don’t worry! It’s a common problem and can be repaired relatively easily.

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Ways To Connect Wireless Speakers To Stereo Receiver?

Connect Wireless Speakers To Stereo Receiver?

After the emergence of a large number of wireless devices, almost every user has a desire to modernize their Hi-Fi equipment. For example, they want to use wireless speaker connections (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) to their stereo receiver or home theater so that they don’t have to depend on cables.

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How To Connect Amazon Fire TV to AV Receiver?

how to connect amazon fire TV to AV receiver

Today, there is an incredible amount of all sorts of gadgets on the market, the purpose of which is to make our lives easier and bring the joy of using modern content. And even if your receiver is not the latest technological advancement, there are always devices that can make it so.

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AV Receiver Connections Explained

AV receiver connections explained

AV receiver (AVR) serves as the central hub for home theater systems, providing a seamless integration of various audio and video sources. This versatile device offers plenty of connectivity options, allowing users to connect a wide range of equipment, both modern and outdated. In this article, I will explore the receiver connections, making it easier for you to set up and optimize your home theater system.

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When Should I Upgrade My AV Receiver

when should upgrade av receiver

Every owner of a home audio system sooner or later thinks about buying a new receiver to replace the old one. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your sound?

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Surround Sound Decoders

surround sounds formats

Modern audio equipment work with a vast number of surround sound formats, which can be discouraging for an unprepared user.

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AV Receiver Buying Guide

AV Receiver Buying Guide

If you’re looking for an AV receiver on the market and don’t have a lot of audio tech expertise, and the specs on the back don’t tell you a lot, you might find yourself in a situation where the specs aren’t right for you.

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